Colleen “Cash”

Our founding member of the Fat Bottom Girlz (FBGz) Florida, Colleen Nevitt, aka Cash, started this womxn riding group after riding with other womxn riding groups in Georgia. She enjoyed many riding adventures and met life-long friends. When she moved to Jacksonville Beach, Fla., it was not easy to find an all womxn riding GROUP. So, she decided to organize, found two fantastic co-organizer’s and through social media outlets and word of mouth, we now have the womxn riding group Fat Bottom Girlz Jacksonville, FL – Womxn on Motorcycles.

“My first vehicle was a Honda 250 back in 1980. While living at the beach never required anyone to go over 35 MPH, it was the perfect street ride.

Eventually, I got the itch to go “over the ditch” and venture out more. To do so I went through two Honda Shadows and then the first of my three Harley’s. I am currently enjoying the 2016 Road King. I mention this motorcycle progression as we all evolve with our bikes, particularly as we age.

I encourage any and all womxn to just get out and ride. It doesn’t matter if you have two wheels or three; clocked two thousand miles or two-hundred thousand; are young or old. We are an inclusive group of womxn! We don’t care what beautiful skin tone you have or your sexual preference. We embrace all womxn riders to include our trans sisters.”

“Just get on your bikes and RIDE”

~ Cash


Ace Castillo has been a member of the Fat Bottom Girlz (FBGz) since December 2015. Ace hails from Utica, New York. After retiring from the military, she settled here in Jacksonville, Florida making it her home.

“My first motorcycle was a 1978 Yamaha Special 750. I blackmailed my big brother into teaching me how to ride. At 14 years old, I stood about 4’11” weighing 100lbs soaking wet. The bike was too big for me, and I had to get off the motorcycle at every stop sign and red light to avoid laying it down. Over the years I have clocked many miles on different styles of motorcycles to include the Kawasaki Ninja, Yamaha, and Honda Shadow.

As time passed my choice of motorcycles changed. My current Iron Horse is the 2016 Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo. I love riding and will continue for many years to come. Safety is always a priority and so are my sisters on two wheels.”

~ Ace


As long as I can remember I have been enamored with motorcycles and that feeling stays with me today. I started riding on 1960’s Italian made bikes, like the temperamental Garelli Cross with the magneto ignition, and the Moto Guzzi. I have since ridden many makes and models, from Japanese, British, German, to American. I have to say my two favorites are BMW and Harley Davidson. Currently, I ride a Milwaukee Eight Harley Davidson touring. I think Harley hit their stride with this new bike. Wow, what a pleasure to ride.

It is so encouraging to see so many amazing womxn out there riding today. When I obtained my driver’s license and started riding the streets, there weren’t many womxn riding. In fact, in my town, I was the only one. I would ride with the guys and their attitude was, if you can’t keep up, too bad we’re not waiting. I was determined they were not leaving me behind. In fact, I made it a point to stick to the leader like glue, no matter the speed. Looking back now I realize I did a lot of foolish things, but I also learned many valuable lessons too.

I appreciate the pioneering womxn who rode before me. They didn’t have the acceptance and encouragement that we share today. There are two womxn who are my heroes, Bessie Stringfield and Dot Robinson. Bessie Stringfield (1911-1993) made eight solo country trips across America. All at a time when it was dangerous for an African American, let alone, an African American woman to be on a motorcycle. Dot Robinson (1912-1999), one of the founding members of the Motor Maids, helped bridge the way for womxn to compete in motorcycle racing. I feel that because of these womxn and others like them, we ride.