The Fat Bottom Girlz Womxn Motorcycle Riding Group in Jacksonville, FL

Womxn on Motorcycles

Womxn motorcyclists, no matter your bike, age, level of skill, ethnicity, or sexuality, come on out and ride. If you are a womxn who is passionate about riding, likes to help others who are less fortunate within your community, and want to ride with a diverse group of womxn motorcyclists, the Fat Bottom Girlz, Jacksonville, FL welcomes you!

It is important to us that ALL womxn feel included. Connecting with strong womxn who are different than you has tremendous value. When you join the Fat Bottom Girlz, you will form friendships with womxn whom you may not have met otherwise, and we think that is a beautiful thing!

Get on your bikes and ride!
female motorcycle club - Jacksonville FL

Our Beginnings

The Fat Bottom Girlz, Florida was started by Colleen “Cash” Nevitt in 2015 after she moved back to Jacksonville from Atlanta, Ga. Colleen enjoyed riding solo along the beautiful coastal roads of Florida. But she missed riding with a group of other passionate womxn motorcyclists. So, she decided to start the Fat Bottom Girlz, Jacksonville, FL.

“Riding is my Zen. The pure joy I get from riding cannot be explained in words. There is this feeling you get when you can help a new rider become more confident by helping them gain experience. Or, when you are the sweep on a ride and you see twenty womxn bikers in front of you, winding around a beautiful country road. There is nothing else quite like it.

When I began riding in the early 80’s, I didn’t have a mentor nor did I even know another womxn biker. So, I rode solo for twenty-nine years. It wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to find other womxn riders and discovered a diverse group of womxn on Meetup. So I signed up for a ride from Atlanta to Madison, Ga. and that ride changed my life. It was so much fun! I met and made life-long friends.”